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Type: Freestyle/pipe and park
Evo Designed for optimum freestyle control, the twin tip Evo features our Press Flex Core allowing the rider to easily manipulate the board while pressing and buttering. Carbon VXR Laminate Technology extends carbon fi ber to the ends of the board for maximum pop and boost. Our EDS dampening system provides high-speed stability not usually found in a park/pipe board, while maintaining a light and lively ride.

Evo Mini Designed for advanced freestyle riders, the twin tip Evo is the perfect board for shredders who spend most of their time in the pipe and park. Extremely light and easy to butter, the Evo provides high speed stability and durability not usually associated with freestyle snowboards.

Evo Grom

Technical Features:

STS Pretensioned Fiberglass
BI-Lite Fiberglass
Carbon VXR Laminate Technology
Press Flex Core
EDS Damping System
Sintered P-tex Sidewall
Durasurf Sintered 4501 base
P-tex Tip and Tail Protection
Full Wrap Metal Edge